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New Year, New You!


Hello and a very Happy (almost) New Year to our beautiful fellow lace lovers. 

As we immerse ourselves in 2020 think about this.  We all strive to treat people with respect, but what about ourselves? Do you look after yourself not just physically but mentally as well?   

Here’s some tips that will hopefully inspire you this Year.

  1. Set New Year’s Resolutions

We love New Year's resolutions. Not the kind that you break in one day but the kind that help you to set goals that you can kick in 2020. Think about something you want to do for yourself. Maybe it's more meditation, yoga or regular catch ups with friends and family.

Write them down and put them somewhere visible to help keep yourself on track.

We find meditation the best form of self-love and motivation.  Whether it be at sunrise to start your day, at noon to re-focus your mind, or at sunset to separate your work and home life, make this year a time to focus on your mental health and take some time for yourself.

No more negative self-talk. 

  1. Look after yourself Physically, to feel better mentally

Our physical health and mental wellbeing are linked, so there are lots of positive changes we can make to improve our physical wellbeing that will also result in better mental health.

Exercise boosts the ‘happy chemicals’ in the brain, known as endorphins, which improve our mood and sense of wellbeing.

A healthy diet and enough sleep (which is 8 hours for adults) is imperative to our overall mood each day. 

  1. Treat Yourself

Confidence radiates from the inside, out. Treat yourself to some new intimate apparel this year, because nothing makes you feel better than sexy lacy intimates.

We look forward to connecting with you throughout 2020.

Happy New Year from the team at Briar Rose